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What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a great tool all in one patching tool for Android.

How do I get Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher App is available exclusively from this site. Just go to home page and click on the “download” button and you will be guided through the installation process. If you have trouble installing, check out our Installation Guide.

How To Download Lucky Patcher App?

Simply go to Home page or Changelog Click on the Latest version Download Button.
The download will start automatically. Find latest version on top of the page.

How To Install Lucky Patcher App?

After downloading the Lucky Patcher apk file, open it. If install are blocked go to settings and enable "Unknown sources".
Then open the file again to install the Lucky Patcher app.
Read more on how to download and install the app.

Can Lucky Patcher Hack All Games?

No, Lucky patcher can’t hack all games. Nowadays many popular games are based on Internet connection and use their own servers.
So! Most of online games can't be hacked with Lucky Patcher.

Which Apps & Games Are Compatible With Lucky Patcher?

Thousands apps and games are compatible with Lucky Patcher!
you have to try it and see how it performs.

Is Using Lucky Patcher Illegal?

It can be harmful for developers by decreasing their revenue by enabling blocking ads shown on their apps/games.
Using Lucky Patcher can be illegal in some countries if the government has certain laws accordingly.
However you can use Lucky Patcher without any problems. But distributing any Patched apps or games is illegal.
If you are an honest person who don’t want to harm developers apps/games, you should avoid using this application.

Does Lucky Patcher Run On iOS, Windows Phone, Or PC?

Rather than using VM on a PC running Windows or MacOS to use Android! Lucky Patcher isn't available on other platforms or run on other mobile OS (Operations System) like iOS, Windows Phone, Raspberry.

Is There Any Alternative To Lucky Patcher?

You may find alternatives, similar apps to Lucky Patcher on different websites or stores but they can't provide you with such great unlimited features and tools.
Simply! They are not good as Lucky Patcher app.

Lucky Patcher Isn't Available On Google Play/Play Store?

As Lucky Patcher's based on patching tools it can be harmful for developers of apps/games.
So, simply Google Play/Play Store doesn’t support that kind of apps.

Why Lucky Patcher Isn't Working?

Lucky Patcher can’t patch every apps and games. So, it will not work sometimes. Again many features don’t work without root access, be sure you are using a rooted device if you wanna enjoy the big experience.

Why Lucky Patcher Can’t Hack Online Games?

Online games use their own servers to store games data.
So, Lucky Patcher can’t modify the games data, as already mentioned in answer 3.

What Is The Actual Purpose Of Lucky Patcher?

@Chelpus pronounced "I made the app just for hobby. His main motives are to help the normal Android users and stop the greedy app developers".

Is Lucky Patcher Safe for use?

Lucky Patcher doesn’t collect any sensible user data. So, it’s safe to use. However you should only download the app from known and reputable websites & Stores.
Google Play Protect may define the app as harmful because actually "Google Admob" hates Lucky Patcher Blocking their advertisement to be shown to some users!

What Is A Custom Patch In Lucky Patcher?

A custom patch is a unique way to patch many apps or games to feet your needs. It will help you patch some apps or games easily.

Why Does Lucky Patcher Take too long time to get Installed?

It's actually depending:
First on your internet connection.
Second on you device quality.
As you know high performance device can perform faster than low ones.

What Does ODEX In Lucky Patcher Mean?

The APKs contain certain ".odex" files whose supposed function is to save space. Those "odex" files are actually collections of parts of an application that are optimized before booting. Doing so speeds up the boot process, as it preloads part of an application. On the other hand, it also makes hacking those applications difficult because a part of the coding has already been extracted to another location before execution.
You can find more by searching for good online lessons on internet if you are interested in Android development.

Can You Get Banned From Games If You Use Lucky Patcher?

It depends on the game developer.
Some of the games may ban you if you modify the game using Lucky Patcher or even another tools or application.

How To Install Modded Play Store App?

First is to root your device to be able to install the Modded Play Store. So you can uninstall the original Play store then install the modified one. Click here to download the desired one.

How Can I Root My Android Device?

Rooting process can be different from a device to another. Just make a search on Google with your exact phone model. For some kind of devices you have to use PC. Most of older Android devices can be rooted with one click root using very known apps.

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